1. Why is there a minimum weight for competing in male Open Class?

    The minimum weight is there for the safety of the competitors. It should avoid accidents due to extreme weight differences. Competitors at the edge of the weight class have to decide whether to start in the lower weight class or to start in the higher and additionally in the Open Class. There are no exceptions.

  2. There are no participants registered in my class. Should I register anyway?

    Yes, many participants wait until shortly before the registration deadline with their registration. We regard a registration as successful only after receipt of money. Thus, the planning for us and the competitors in poorly occupied classes is only possible a short time before the tournament. If there are no opponents in your class and we can not move you to another class, you will of course get your entry fee back.

  3. I am not sure in which weight class I should start. Should I wait with the registration?

    No, you can always adjust your weight yourself within the registration period. After the end of the registration period, this is no longer possible, in order not to influence our planning.

  4. When do I have to be there on the tournament day?

    Due to short-term changes, a detailed schedule is only available a few days before the tournament. Before that we can not give any information. In general, we start with all participants who can also compete in the Open Class to optimize the general process. As a result, lower weight classes usually begin later, and higher weight classes usually begin earlier in the day.

  5. When will my weight be checked?

    All competitors are weighed next to the mat right before their first fight including their clothing.

  6. What happens if I my weight is to high?

    A too high weight leads to a disqualification.