1. General

    The Submissão Grappling Challenge is a single elimination tournament.

    The rules are the official rules of the IBJJF that is downloadable on the IBJJF Website.

  2. Restrictions

    The referee can stop an ongoing fight at any time, if he is convinced that a fighter is threatened by an almost completed submission imposing a significant risk of injury. In such a case, the fighter securing the submission is awarded the victory.

    In the open class BJJ or Submission Wrestling, only male fighters from the weight category -82 kg/-79.5 kg or higher may participate.

    Overview of forbidden techniques:

    • Beginner: White belt BJJ, Beginner SW
    • Advanced: Blue and purple belt BJJ, Advanced SW
    • Elite: Elite BJJ (Brown and black belt BJJ), Elite SW

    No. Technique Beginner Advanced Elite
    1 Lock inside the closed guard with the legs compressing kidneys or ribs *
    2 Wrist lock *
    3 Single leg takedown while the attacking athlete has his head outside his opponents body *
    4 Calf slicer * *
    5 Knee bar * *
    6 Toe hold * *
    7 Biceps slicer * *
    8 Slam * * *
    9 Spinal lock without choke * * *
    10 Heel hook * * *
    11 Locks twisting the knees * * *
    12 Reaping the knee * * *
    13 Scissor takedown * * *
    14 In straight foot lock, turning in the direction of foot not under attack * * *
    15 In toe hold, applying outward pressure on the foot * * *
    16 Bending fingers backwards * * *
    17 Grab the opponents belt and throw him to the floor on his head when defending a single leg situation while his opponents head is on the outside of his body * * *
    18 Suplex takedown technique, landing with the opponent’s head or neck on the ground * * *
  3. Hygiene

    Foot- and fingernails have to be cut short and be clean.

    Long-haired participants must take precautions to avoid interference with the opponent or their own person.

    Covering the hair with paint or sprays, as well as applying any lubricating substances (e.g., vaseline or oil) to the body, is forbidden. Violations lead to an immediate disqualification.

  4. Clothing

    The competitor’s clothing have to be washed, dry and free from unpleasant odors.

    Bandages are allowed as long as they do not restrict the mobility of joints.

    Wrestling or mat shoes (doesn’t apply for Submission Wrestling), head guards, shirts of all types under the Gi (not valid for female participants), and any protective gear that can have a significant impact on the course of the fight, especially genital guards, are not allowed in the competition.

    Participants may not wear head or groin protection.

    • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Gi)

      A Gi must meet the following requirements:

      • Material made of cotton or comparable materials in good condition
      • The strength of the material has to be be such that the opponent is not hampered in his actions. For example, the thickness of the fabric must not prevent the opponent to get a handle on the collar, sleeve or back.
      • The Gi may not show cracks or damage
      • The Gi top must be of sufficient length to cover the fighter’s hips
      • With arms outstretched, the sleeves of the Gi top must reach to the wrists
      • The Gi pants may not end more than 5 cm above the ankles
      • Belts must have a width of 4 to 5 cm and hold the Gi top together with a double knot. The color of the belt must correspond to the fighter’s graduation (for example, in BJJ: white, blue, purple, brown, black).

    • Submission Wrestling

      • Long or short sports pants as well as Rashguard or T-shirt (buttons, zippers or similar on clothing are forbidden)
      • The competitor is not allowed to participate without a shirt.

  5. Weight classes

    The Beginner/White belt class is suitable for fighters who have a training experience of approximately 1 to 2 years and have little competition experience.

    A blue belt in the BJJ or Luta Livre is classified as an experienced fighter and therefore is not allowed to participate in the white belt or beginner class. Likewise, a participant with extensive prior knowledge from comparable combat systems such as wrestling, judo, sambo or MMA must start in the blue belt/purple belt/advanced/elite class.

    The minimum age for participation in the master classes is 30 years.

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    • Classes
      • White belt
      • White belt master
      • Blue belt
      • Blue belt master
      • Purple belt
      • Elite (brown and black belt)
    • Weight classes
      • Male: -64 kg / -70 kg / -76 kg / -82 kg / -88 kg / -94 kg / -100 kg / +100 kg
      • Female: -58 kg / -64 kg / +64 kg

    Submission Wrestling

    • Classes
      • Beginner
      • Beginner master
      • Advanced
      • Advanced master
      • Elite
    • Weight classes
      • Male: -61,5 kg / -67,5 kg / -73,5 kg / -79,5 kg / -85,5 kg / -91,5 kg / -97,5 kg / +97,5 kg
      • Female: -55,5 kg / -61,5 kg / +61,5 kg

    Open class

    The Open Class will be held separately for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling. Men and women compete in separate classes.

    Only men from the weight category -82 kg (BJJ) or -79.5 kg (SW) or higher may participate in the men’s open class. In the open class of women, there are no weight restrictions.

  6. Time limits

    Classes Duration
    White belt BJJ / Beginner SW 5 min
    Blue and purple belt BJJ / Advanced SW 6 min
    Elite BJJ und Submission Wrestling 7 min
    Open class BJJ und SW 5 min
  7. Miscellaneous

    Talking to the referee will result in immediate disqualification unless the participant indicates a medical problem.

    No video evidence is accepted.